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5 Reasons why your WordPress website should be responsive

Over the last few years, the use of mobile devices has exploded. With the rise of smartphones, tablets or even smartwatches, more and more people prefer to check their email, browse the internet, and even shop online through their mobile devices. If your business heavily relies on its website, you need to be prepared for…

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Online Marketing

7 Ways to improve the performance of your next paid ad campaign

As you’re no doubt already aware, inbound marketing is far superior to the old, traditional, outbound modes, such as advertising … right? After all, usually the average cost per lead for outbound marketing exceeds the CPL for inbound marketing. That being the case, then why would anyone ever go to the trouble of running paid…

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Top-Level Domains (TLD)

How to choose the right domain name for your website

When you venture into blogging, choosing your website’s domain name is one of the first imperative steps in getting started. Your domain name will be your identity online – and should reflect what your website is, be it a business website, e-commerce shop or just a personal blog. You have to put a lot of…

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