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Complete guide to content curation for social media marketing

If you’re marketing your brand or site on just two social media networks, and you’re publishing just once a day, Monday through Friday, on each network, you’ll need forty pieces of content each month. When you’re facing a need for content at these levels, you essentially have three options. Come up with enough of your…

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Hollywood Production

How to get started with video marketing to promote your brand

Thinking about video marketing this year? That’s a smart decision. After all, three-fourths of online video viewers interact with at least one video ad each month. Even more — around 80% of users — say they can remember a specific video ad they’ve seen in the last 30 days. But how do you get started…

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Business Value

5 Highly effective blog post types

According to Buzzsumo, 75% of articles and blog posts get fewer than 40 shares on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter; half of all content gets 8 or fewer shares. But some types of blog posts will get you more attention and a bigger audience than others, all things being roughly equal. Let’s take…

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Advertising Types

9 Creative Facebook ad strategies that increase targeted traffic

Whether your Facebook ad is designed to build your email list, drive traffic to a particularly high-converting piece of content, or make a sale outright, it needs to do one thing spectacularly well: Drive the right kinds of traffic to whatever page you specify. It’s important to focus on the underlying goals and overall strategy…

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