Hashtag Symbol

How to use hashtags on social media to expand your reach

Hashtags look so simple, don’t they? But what does hashtag mean? They’re just words, sometimes a short phrase or an acronym, following the hashtag symbol, what used to be called a pound sign or number sign. For just a few hashtag examples from our own @MHThemes Twitter feed: #Blogging #ContentMarketing #Webdesign #SEO But rather than…

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A beginner’s guide to setting up a lead generation system

Assuming your website isn’t just a labor of love — that you’re interested in actually making money — then you’re going to need a lead generation system. Without a steady, healthy supply of qualified leads, your sales will plummet eventually on the long run. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to generate and capture good leads….

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Creative Business

3 More simple & creative ways to repurpose your content

Repurposing is a super-efficient way to squeeze every last drop of useful life out of your content. When it’s done right, repurposing can turbocharge your results and significantly increase your return on the investment of time and effort you made in that content. In this article, we’re going to share just how to do that,…

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Secure website with HTTPS

How to redirect a WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS

Do your customers trust your business? If they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t be doing business with you in the first place, right? The same holds true for your website. Can your customers and website visitors trust in a safe and secure environment when they are visiting your website? As the online representation of your business,…

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Using Sliders WordPress

Why sliders aren’t as great as most people think

They’re so popular… but they have a bad reputation among developers. They’re sliders – sometimes referred to as carousels – and while they might seem like a cool way to emphasize and highlight content on your homepage or landing page, you should definitely rethink that assessment. Why? Because sliders simply aren’t as great as most…

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Bitcoin Oxidation

How to earn Bitcoins with blogging on your WordPress website

Bitcoin runs as a form of currency that stands independent of traditional banks. It’s a newer form of digital currency, and it uses encryption for security and maintaining production of Bitcoin units. At first this might sound confusing, but it’s rather similar to other forms of money. The primary differences include the fact that the…

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