Results from the MH Magazine customer survey (happiness study)

It’s now more than 4 years ago since we released the first version of our popular MH Magazine WordPress theme. A lot has happened in all those years and we’re very thankful for all your loyalty and support over the years. The success of MH Magazine wouldn’t have been possible without you! While you’re sending…

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Gutenberg – Is using WordPress really difficult and hard to learn?

WordPress has been praised for years as an easy to use content management system. This was not only because of its famous 5-Minute Install marketing slogan. However, currently there are voices expressing that WordPress is rather difficult. It’s even getting to a point where major parts of WordPress are being reinvented. But is WordPress difficult…

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Troubleshooting WordPress

Gutenberg and why WordPress may have a marketing problem

As you probably have noticed, a lot is going on at the moment and it seems WordPress is slowly trying to reinvent itself. While this is great and surely necessary to make it future proof, it also raises some questions and concerns. Does WordPress development go into the right direction? Is it clear what WordPress…

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Deactivate WordPress Plugins

Why we stop selling WordPress themes on WordPress.com

For those of you who don’t know, WordPress.com is a WordPress hosting company operated by Automattic, the company of WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. WordPress.com is the entry level for many users who start building their websites with WordPress, as it doesn’t involve hosting your own website. In the past our flagship theme, MH Magazine, was…

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New Year

2016 Recap: New record year in a saturated market environment

We still can remember 2015 as if it was yesterday and now another year is already over. What an incredible year 2016 has been, as we’ve seen new records in nearly every way. At the same time 2016 was the year where the market environment for WordPress themes has become more challenging and difficult, but…

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