WordPlace Review – Professional Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPlace is a web host that belongs to a specific class of web hosts known as “managed WordPress hosts”. Managed WordPress hosting, a specialized hosting environment optimized for WordPress sites, became a thing as WordPress grew more and more popular. Nowadays, WordPress users have several managed hosts to choose from, and companies like WP Engine,…

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Why it’s important to have a regular WordPress backup routine

In terms of managing your WordPress website, one of the most essential and crucial aspects to pay attention to is a regular backup routine. This applies to WordPress users but also to all the others who are running websites. The early days of the internet were mostly simple HTML pages tailored together, and back then…

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Advantages of cloud hosting for online businesses

Nowadays, businesses of all sizes are turning towards cloud hosting solutions. Cloud hosting is definitely on the rise, especially considering that for example in the UK alone, 90% of company owners rely on cloud hosting. But, what is cloud hosting exactly? And how can it help your business? Cloud hosting derives from the term cloud…

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