Get your ad revenue back with the AdBack plugin for WordPress

Here’s the least-controversial statement ever: People uniformly claim to hate online ads. However, that doesn’t exactly square with the fact that even readily despised pop-up ads are effective. People say they hate them, but enough people click on them and convert to make them a viable revenue-enhancing strategy for online publishers trying to monetize their…

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Image Selection

How to offload WordPress images to Amazon S3

WordPress media items, such as images, videos and audio files, tend to take up a lot of space on your server’s storage drive. This can lead to a decline in your site’s speed over time, especially if you’re someone who publishes a lot of content with high-quality images. Fortunately, you can integrate your WordPress site…

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Bitcoin Money

How to accept Bitcoin payments on your WordPress website

Simply mentioning Bitcoin might get some confused looks. Some people might even roll their eyes. “That won’t last long”, critics say. But what about the fact that a large community of users has rallied around Bitcoin? What about the fact that one Bitcoin is currently valued at over $1,000? The use of Bitcoin has drastically…

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Jetpack Plugin Banner

Pros and cons of using Jetpack on your WordPress website

There is no doubt that you’ll have encountered the Jetpack plugin before whilst administering your WordPress website. Initially only being made available to users, Jetpack has been unleashed for all to use. Developed by the Automattic, Jetpack is currently installed on over 1-million active installations around the globe. This staggering achievement makes Jetpack a…

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No Image

Admin UI WordPress plugins to improve website administration

Administering WordPress websites has been made relatively easy for webmasters in recent years. Quite a wide-range of dashboard improvements have been made to many of the administrative elements we regularly make use of. With several released updates throughout 2016 alone. Even with all of these enhancements being made to the WordPress landscape, administering a website…

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