WordPress Security

How to Change the WP Prefix in WordPress Database

WordPress security is an important matter for any blogger who wants to keep his site safe from hackers, malware and cyber attacks. We’ve already published a tutorial about the most important steps you should take for better WordPress security and now we want to complement this with a simple add-on about how to change the…

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Hidden Steps to Setting Up Your Website

Setting up your new website, there are many steps that you may not be aware of. While some aspects of building your website seem obvious, others are not so implicit, and you may realize half-way through the process that something is missing or not functioning properly. If you do your research properly, however, you will…

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WordPress Version 3.6

WordPress 3.6 what can we expect?

WordPress 3.6 Coming Up Spring 2013 A brand new WordPress version is announced to come up this spring. On april 29th WordPress will release version 3.6 – so what can we expect? WordPress 3.5 has more than 6 million downloads – with all the announced features and improvements, surely WordPress 3.6 will become even more…

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Google Page Speed Service

Free Google Page Speed CDN With WordPress

Google Page Speed – a Powerful CDN Google Page Speed is a tool developed by Google. Simply put, it is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which allows webmasters to speed up their website. Everyone using it so far experienced improved performance (some even experienced 2x faster websites), therefore happier clients / customers and besides better…

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Bootstrap Framework

What is Bootstrap? Plus: Best Premium Themes Using It

You have probably come across Twitter Bootstrap (or simply “Bootstrap”) hundreds of times and some still don’t have a clear definition of it. Well, for those of you who don’t know yet, Twitter Bootstrap is a great front-end framework for anyone eager to build a site very fast and on a solid framework. Bootstrap has…

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Web Hosting WordPress

How To Figure Out The Best WordPress Webhost

WordPress has made a great impact on the world wide web – until now more than 20% of websites are running with WordPress and the number keeps rising. Initially it was very popular as a blogging tool, but later people started adopting it as a content management system (CMS). One of the best aspects about…

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