How to Implement Social Media Comments for WordPress

3 WordPress plugins to incorporate comments on your website

Blog comments are a nice way of measuring the social interest in what you have to share. Sometimes comments will be about technical issues and calls for help, while other times a comment will be a simple “thank you” message for curating great content. Last year, a well-known media company Copyblogger decided to close their blog comments for good, and to this day the “experiment” is still happening, which means that they have found success with it.

WordPress Comments
WordPress Comments (Image Source: pixelcreatures – – CC0 Public Domain)

Social media is changing the way we communicate with each other, and it seems that nobody these days is willing to bother with checking back the comments they leave on blogs and websites, so why leave them at all. Social media has a global feature called “notifications”, which means that every time someone leaves a comment somewhere and someone responds back to it – they will get notified about it. That’s why opting for social media comments on your blog might be the closest you might get to having real comments.

Serious bloggers and webmasters who are passionate and truly dedicated to building a community will find that they don’t have to opt for social media comments, but at the same time we have seen sites like TechCrunch do it, so there’s definitely appeal to it.

Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments is definitely one of the best social comments solutions today, not only because almost everyone has a Facebook account and is usually logged-in to it, but also because by leaving a comment using this system, the commenter will always get notified about any likes and/or replies through his global notification function on Facebook; this creates a good community aspect that can help with attracting people back to your site.

Facebook Comments
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There certainly are those who have mastered to spam sites who use Facebook comments, but generally the entry barrier is much higher and most of the time you’re getting real people, leaving real comments. It creates a different atmosphere, since anyone can get called out on their opinions and experiences.

Disqus Comments

Disqus Comments is not a social commenting system per say, but there’s a good reason we have chosen to include it in this list. Disqus Comments is not only a well-known commenting system, on which many have created an account already and are logged-in most of the time, Disqus also provides a feature called “Social Login” – which can significantly increase the number of comments your blog gets because people can fill in their comment details with just one click. You might think that’s not a big deal, but in current times it really is. Time is of the essence.

Disqus Comments
Image Source: Screenshot – WordPress Plugin Directory

Then again, there will be those who will complain that Disqus requires registration, so not everyone can be made happy all at the same time. Disqus can be found on many technology oriented sites, and if you’re working in that niche it definitely could be a good choice.

Comments Evolved

Comments Evolved is an all-in-one solution that will give your WordPress blog a set of commenting systems: Google+, Facebook, Disqus and default WordPress comments. That’s right, with one plugin you can get four different comment systems; and we’ve definitely seen it work for some, mostly sites that provide tips and answers to difficult questions – multiple commenting systems then make it easier for visitors to ask questions right away.

Comments Evolved for WordPress
Image Source: Screenshot – WordPress Plugin Directory

In this case, it’s all about giving your readers an option not to have to register a new account on your site, and simply give them a commenting option that they’re already a part of. The odds of someone not having a Google or a Facebook account are pretty slim these days.

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