Generate more leads

5 Ways to Generate Leads on Your WordPress Blog

To generate leads is the marketing process of capturing attention and stimulus towards a particular product or service. In the last few years we have seen drastic changes to this market, as new technology and evolution of programming is enabling for better ways to generate leads. Learning to craft a message that gets heard by…

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All You Need to Know About WordPress Security

We all know that security and privacy is extremely important in our lives. You probably won’t feel good when someone has hacked your site and deleted all your data, especially not if you have invested months or even years to build a great website or blog. But unfortunately things like that can happen more easily…

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Premium WordPress Themes

Choosing The Right WordPress Theme For Your Website

We remember that first time when we were interested in using WordPress for our projects and niche websites, we started looking for advice on how to choose the appropriate WordPress theme. This happened some long time ago when there weren’t that many WordPress related websites on the web. The CMS was just “starting out” so…

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MH Themes acquires

After taking over two german WordPress themes directories a few weeks ago, we’re happy to announce that we now have acquired and This is a further step on the path to increase our efforts to provide you with great WordPress content and a high-quality WordPress themes directory. During the next weeks we will…

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WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Plugins to Enable a Customized Author Box for WordPress

WordPress is for everyone, including your friends, family members, and associates. You might want to let these people to blog a post on your behalf, it happens, we’ve all done it before. The default codex that WordPress uses to display author information is quite lousy – in terms of capabilities – and a plugin is…

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WordPress Security

Top 10 Security Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

WordPress security is not something that should be taken lightly. We’ve seen enormous amount of attacks in the recent years, where millions of potential websites become victims of using plugins and WordPress themes that don’t have the latest security precautions put in place. In this year alone, we’ve seen security reports that could affect potential…

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