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As a professional provider of Premium WordPress Themes and excellent WordPress support our goal is to make our customers happy and help them enjoy WordPress and their websites in all possible aspects.

We strive to provide high-quality WordPress themes and top-notch theme support to our customers. In addition we have partnered with reliable experts that offer first-class services that can help you take your website to the next level and achieve your goals.

WordPress Services

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Website Development

No matter if you need to tweak and modify your current website, need WordPress theme customizations or want to develop a new website from scratch. Qualified professionals will get the work done!

Design & Layout

The design and layout of your website can make the difference if people love to spend their time on your site or not. In case you need any custom design work, talented designers are just one click away.

Speed & Performance

The performance of a website is not only an important ranking factor in search engines, but a slow website also won’t make your visitors happy. Need to boost your website? Don’t worry, let specialists improve your site!

Analytics & SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an important factor for a successful website. You won’t be able to sell your product or reach people if they can’t easily find your site. Let’s have a closer look at your rankings.

Conversion Optimization

What percentage of visitors to your website convert into paying customers? Conversion rate optimization is about increasing this number to ensure that you get the most conversions from your traffic as possible.

Advertising & Marketing

Let professional experts setup and optimize your online advertising and marketing campaigns by using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter ads, Remarketing platforms and niche ad networks.

WordPress Services

Who will get the job done?

To focus on the development of standardized Premium WordPress Themes as our core business, we have partnered with reliable experts to provide you with a bunch of additional services that can bring your website to the next level. Benefit from the experience of qualified experts, no matter if you need custom development, theme customizations, webmaster services, advise or anything else!

Some awesome websites powered by MH Themes

Premium WordPress Themes by MH Themes

MH Impact - Business WordPress Theme

Modern Business WordPress Theme

MH Impact

MH Impact is a flexible business WordPress theme in modern flat design. This fully responsive template is ideal for all kind of fresh and attractive business websites and fits perfectly for small and large companies or organizations. It is suitable for all sorts of business branches as manufacturing and trade firms, IT companies or the service sector.

MH Magazine - Demo 10

Wildlife Magazine WordPress Theme

MH Magazine – D10

This is an additional demo of MH Magazine WordPress Theme which shows how you could use this magazine theme to create online magazines or dynamic news websites for wildlife foundations with topics like zoology, geography, environment or any other topics related to nature, science, animals or wildlife.

MH Magazine - Demo 6

Travel Magazine WordPress Theme

MH Magazine – D6

This is an additional demo of MH Magazine WordPress Theme which shows how you could use this magazine theme for a website about traveling, sightseeing, city or holiday trips. With this flexible magazine theme you can create beautiful travel online magazines, personal blogs about your journeys or professional websites about traveling.