Documentation: MH Magazine lite WordPress Theme

Thank you very much for downloading MH Magazine lite WordPress Theme. This quick documentation will help you to setup the theme and give you a basic overview.

Now have fun with MH Magazine lite and we are always happy to get feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact us. If you need excellent theme support in german and english language, you can upgrade to the premium version of MH Magazine WordPress Theme.

MH Magazine lite

Theme Support

Please note that priority theme support is only provided to customers who have purchased the premium version of the theme. If you are using the free version of the theme and have a question which is beyond this documentation, then you might find an answer in our support forum (only premium users can register) or ask your question in the support forum at We usually answer within 24 hours. If you don’t want to miss any news or theme updates, you can follow us on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Table of contents:

1. About the themetop

MH Magazine lite is a clean, modern and widgetized WordPress theme for blogs, online magazines, news websites and other editorial related websites. The free version of MH Magazine WordPress theme offers basic functionality with custom templates, custom widgets and basic theme options with WP Customizer support.

Upgrade to MH Magazine Premium

If you like MH Magazine lite WordPress Theme, you will LOVE the premium version. The premium version of MH Magazine WordPress Theme is fully responsive and has much more features and options. Setup your own online magazine in a few minutes and have endless possibilities to customize your website! Learn more about the premium version:
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2. Basic installationtop

To install MH Magazine lite WordPress Theme a working version of WordPress 3.4+ is required. If you don’t have installed WordPress yet and don’t know how to do this, please read this article in the WordPress Codex. When your WordPress installation is ready you can install our theme by two ways. Using the WordPress theme upload or by uploading the theme files with an FTP client to your themes directory.

WordPress Theme Upload
  1. Login to your WordPress admin
  2. Navigate to “Appearance => Themes” in your WordPress dashboard and click on “Install Themes”
  3. Select the zipped theme file and click “Install Now”
  4. When the installation is done you will get a confirmation
  5. Now click on “Activate” and navigate to “Appearance => Customize” to setup the theme
Upload via FTP client
  1. Login to your FTP server and navigate to your WordPress themes directory (“wp-content/themes”)
  2. Extract the zipped theme files
  3. Copy the theme folder to your themes directory
  4. When the files are uploaded, please login to your WordPress admin
  5. Navigate to “Appearance => Themes”, select “MH Magazine lite and click on “Activate”

3. Theme Setuptop

When you have completed the theme installation and have activated the MH Magazine lite WordPress theme, please have a look at your website. Maybe your widgets aren’t there anymore where you would expect them. But don’t worry, that’s normal and you will manage this in a few minutes. If you wish, you can first setup your homepage with our homepage template which is included in your theme download. To do this, please navigate to “Pages => Add New” in your WordPress dashboard to create a new blank page and choose “Homepage” as template in the “Page Attributes” settings. You can name the page whatever you like (e.g. Homepage) and then please save the page.

When you are done with the previous steps please navigate to “Settings => Reading” and set the page called Homepage or the page you created before with another page name as static “Front Page”. If you would like to have a separate blog or news page to display your regular posts, you can create another new blank page and set it as a static “Posts Page”. When you have problems to setup a static front page, please read this article in the WordPress Codex for further assistance.

Create homepage

Static Front Page

Logo upload

If you want to set your own brand / logo please navigate to “Appearance => Header” and upload your custom logo which will be shown in the header. If your logo is too large, you will be able to crop it. When finished you can navigate to “Appearance => Customize” in your WordPress dashboard to continue the setup of MH Magazine lite theme. There you will find more options like: General Options, Site Title & Tagline, Colors, Background Image, Navigation and Static Front Page.

Navigate to “Appearance => Customize” to find more options to setup your theme.

Theme Options MH Magazine lite

General Options

The “General Options” section of MH Magazine lite is very easy to handle. There are 4 things you can customize here. If you need more features and possibilities to customize your theme, you can upgrade to the premium version of MH Magazine WordPress theme. In the general options section you can:

  • Set “Default position of sidebar” to right or left
  • Set the “Custom excerpt length” in words (default is 45 words). Excerpts are shown on your homepage and in archives
  • Add “Custom CSS” code to customize the theme with your own CSS (e.g. change colors, layout or margins)
  • Add your own “Tracking Code” like Google Analytics or Piwik

When you make changes to these options, you can preview them on the right side of the page before you save them to the database. This is very good to be sure if you really want to change the setting or not. Just play around a little, you’ll like it. If you want to learn more about adding custom CSS code, please read this article.

What about the other options?

As you can see, there are other options beside the “General Options”. These are standard WordPress settings and they are very easy to use, just have a look at them and play around. I’m sure you’ll have no difficulties with them. For example you can set a custom background image or change the title of your site. It’s up to you!

What about images?

To assign / upload images to a post / page and use them as thumbnail, please select a post or page and click on Set featured image below on the right side of the post / page admin. Important: If you have problems with your image sizes, please use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to resize all of your thumbnails.

Featured image upload

MH Magazine lite WordPress theme supports custom WordPress menus with multi-level dropdown support. Currently the free version of MH Magazine has one menu slot: Main Navigation. To setup your custom menus please navigate to “Appearance => Menus”. Here you can add pages and custom links to your menus and assign the menus to the theme locations. You can learn more about custom menus here: How to create a menu in WordPress?

WordPress custom menus

5. Widgets and widget locationstop

MH Magazine lite WordPress theme has 12 widget locations to place standard WordPress widgets, custom widgets and ads. To assign widgets to the several widget locations, please navigate to “Appearance => Widgets”. On the right side you’ll find the widget locations and you can assign widgets from the left side via drag&drop. If you want to learn more about WordPress widgets, please read this article in the WordPress Codex.

These are the widget locations on our “Homepage Template” which is included in your theme download. To setup your homepage just drop a widget in one of the several widget locations and it will be displayed on your homepage. When you want to setup a homepage just like in our demo of MH Magazine lite you can use our custom “MH Slider Widget” and the “MH Custom Posts (lite)” widget. When you upgrade to MH Magazine Premium the custom posts widget has more functions and you can choose out of more widgets to customize your theme.

Widgets on Homepage Template

6. Contact pagetop

We have added CSS styling for the popular Contact Form 7 plugin. So you just have to download and install the plugin and create your custom contact form. When done, please create a new page and post your contact form code. The contact form will be styled by default. You’ll find more infomation about the Contact Form 7 plugin and installation instructions here:

7. Translationstop

If you want to translate the MH Magazine lite WordPress Theme into your own language, you’ll find the translation file in the theme languages folder /wp-content/themes/mh_magazine/languages. You can edit the .po file using Poedit and save it to your own language (e.g. de_DE, it_IT or es_ES). The .mo file will be automatically generated. If you have translated MH Magazine lite theme into a language which is not available yet, you can send us the file and we will post your site on our Facebook fanpage to give you some credit.

8. Sources and creditstop

Images used in the MH Magazine lite theme demo are taken from, copyrighted to their respective owners and are licensed for commercial use, adaption, modification or building upon. These images are NOT included with the purchase and/or download of this WordPress Theme.

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